Mood Honors Black Fathers in New Web Series ‘Playground’

“We don’t see Black fathers being present for their kids as much on screen. Let’s break that narrative,” says Atlanta based musician now director Daniel Moody also known as Mood on why he created the limited web series titled, Playground.

Playground follows three fathers, Dominique (Pierre Boncy), Matt (Jonathan Novoj), Akil (Charles Huggins) and their children Deuce (Bruce Neal Jr.), Jay (Gabriel Turner), and Laila (Ariah Romain) as the fathers “coincidentally” meet on a playground. They quickly adjust to the fact that they each raise their kids differently but as they form a brotherhood they begin to realize their similarities.

Mood presented his musical talents last year when he released his debut single “Twenty-Six” followed by another single “Recover”. Unbeknownst to us, Mood had a web series up his sleeve. At the end of 2021, Mood began writing the script for Playground and filming kicked off in July of 2022.

As Mood continues to showcase his artistry musically he has now decided to revealed his talents as a screenwriter and director. But, Mood has always strived to be a multifaceted creative. “All of the people that I admire in the industry have written/directed their own productions,” says Mood. “It really warms my heart when I can bring actors and crew members together to tell a story. To me it’s always been about leverage and what you do with it,” he continued.

Playground premiered on Father’s Day and will have a total of 5 episodes airing each Sunday at 12 PM EST on Mood’s Instagram. You can watch the first episode below.

In the first episode we see the stark differences between Dominque and Matt’s parenting styles. The conversation between Matt and his son leaves us pondering why he doesn’t want it publicly known that he’s his sons father. It also makes us anxious to see how this interaction will turn into a brotherhood and how these fathers will find similarities between one another.


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