After Summer Ends Music Fest Full Lineup Announced With JVSUN, Hayden Hendrix & THGRT XCAPE as Headliner

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Just to think this night couldn’t get any better, the full lineup for the After Summer Ends Music Festival taking place Saturday, October 14 in Atlanta has been unveiled, revealing the shows second half of performances and headlining act.

After announcing Jade Forest, Mauzy Music, and Cam James as performers for the 2023 edition of After Summer Ends an additional 3 performers were announced. The second half of the show will be led by JVSUN, Hayden Hendrix, and closing out with headliner THGRT XCAPE.

At the beginning of this month it was announced that actor and rapper Jasun Jabbar A.K.A. JVSUN high off of the release of his latest album, Final Form would be rocking the mic at the After Summer Ends Music Festival. When Jasun isn’t on stage or in the booth he’s in TV shows and movies such as Starz hit-series BMF, Netflix’s Family Reunion, and most recently Keyshia Cole: This Is My Story. There’s many more credits under Jasun’s belt and his discography is just as phenomenal. Jasun has an array of bops he could perform whether it’s from Final Form, Sacrifice 2 Rise, Dope Boy Diary, Dangerous Man or any of his projects, there’s no going wrong with a discography like his.

After Summer Ends may be in Downtown ATL but the audience will be transported to Cali with Hayden Hendrix on the festival stage bringing LA to the “A”. Hayden dropped his latest 3 track project LA 2 the A in collaboration with previous Everything GOOD Mag discovering artist SA1NT in June of this year. The rapper and owner of 7evenSide! Studios as well as Everything Gorgeous brand dropped several singles in 2022 such as “Baby Face Hendrix!”, “23rd Floor”, and “Swing My Doe”. Hayden has been teasing a new full-length project titled Everything Gorgeous with a series of behind-the-scenes footage. Hopefully, we’ll get a preview of the new LP from Hayden Hendrix when he takes the stage.

Last but definitely not least, consecutively headlining After Summer Ends hailing from Memphis, TN is rapper/singer THGRT XCAPE. THGRT’s sound has transformed over the years from his 2019 hit-single “The Great Escape” to his EP from the same year As Above, So Below to his 2020 banger “Pinnacle” to his latest releases such as “Take Your Time” and “On the Way”. The now Atlanta-based artist has made his way from Hip-Hop into R&B/Trap-soul but, no matter the genre THGRT conquers it and creates his own lane. His most recent drop “Naked” is the perfect example of the growth and transformation that he’s experienced as a musician and we’re excited to see that manifested onto the stage.

We’ll be getting exclusive media coverage at After Summer Ends Music Festival 2023. Follow Everything GOOD Mag on Instagram @everythinggoodmag and follow After Summer Ends on Instagram @aftersummerendsfest for live content. Visit the After Summer Ends website to purchase tickets.

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