To Pimp A Butterfly x Kendrick Lamar

You’ve probably heard about Kendrick Lamar’s new album  To Pimp A Butterfly which came out a week early. But, no need to worry Kendrick tweeted after the release, “Keep calm. All is well.”.

All is well is right Kendrick because To Pimp A Butterfly is a masterpiece.

If you have no idea what pimping a butterfly means then you should listen to the last track on the album “Mortal Man” til the very end (its 10 mins but its worth it).

Kendrick explains what the phrase “to pimp a butterfly” comes from, after his explanation Lamar asks Tupac what he thinks about the phrase and its meaning. But, since Tupac is no longer with us, it ends with the music in the background getting louder and Kendrick yells “Pac!”. 
Obviously clips from Tupac’s interviews while he was still alive, Tupac prophesies what is to come. He says the poor will only get poorer and the rich will get richer. 
Lamar asks Tupac, “What do you think is the future for me and my generation today?” Tupac then prophesies our future again…
He says, “next time its a riot it will be bloodshed…it ain’t gonna be no playin”. 
All the things Tupac was speaking of is already beginning to happen. 
God put Tupac here to see the future and warn us about it, and God put Kendrick here to bring what Pac said to our attention. To Pimp A Butterfly is important, we need to pay attention. 

Originally published 3/18/15

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