HELP! I’m Addicted to Beyoncé’s Album ‘Renaissance’

Beyoncé put crack in Renaissance or something chile, I don’t know but it’s been 3 months and I’m still listening to it everyday. And I’m not the only one, Beyoncé fans across the world have been tweeting about this new habit they can’t seem to shake. For many listening to Renaissance in full from track 1 to track 16 has become a daily ritual. For me, listening to Renaissance gets me motivated to take on the day with unwavering confidence. I start my day with “I’m That Girl” and end the day with “Summer Renaissance”. The lyrics are affirmations and probably a good way to manifest being your best self. If you want to boost your self esteem just put on “Cozy”, want reassurance that you’re ‘that girl’ turn on “I’m That Girl”, need to get hype before you go out with your girls play “Move”, and list goes on.

But, the lyrics aren’t the only addicting thing about Renaissance. The transitions transition so seamlessly, and don’t get me started on how the beats travel from the speakers into my body. The production is insane. It’s truly like no other. Now, don’t get me wrong I do listen to other music but, I get sucked back into the world of Renaissance. There’s just nothing out right now that compares.

Beyoncé teased visuals for the album in August with a “I’m That Girl” teaser video via YouTube. Fast forward to the end of September and we’re still waiting for the visuals. The complaints from impatient fans are growing by the day about how long it’s taking Beyoncé to give us more. But, you can’t rush greatness. I’m sure what Bey has up her sleeve will be worth the wait. I mean, it did take years for her to release what in my opinion is her best album yet.


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Sienna Stewart

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