Emmys 2022: The Snubs and Surprises

The White Lotus Awards or the Emmys?

Streaming has made TV pretty overwhelming with the amount of shows we have access to. There’s always a new show on HBO Max, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Apple TV, Starz, Paramount, etc…

To be considered for this years Emmy’s the shows considered for outstanding television had to premiere from June 1, 2021 to May 31, 2022. I know not every good show can be nominated but, there’s a few that deserved the spotlight and didn’t receive it.

Let’s just make a list of the snubs and surprises shall we…

SNUB: Station Eleven

It was a stiff competition for Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series but one of the contenders could’ve been replaced with HBO’s Station Eleven. I mean, that show blew me away. The storytelling was absolutely incredible, it broke my heart into pieces and then put it back together in the end. Himesh Patel who stole our hearts as Jeevan was honored with the nomination for Lead Actor which seems to be a surprise to many but it’s no surprise to me.

SURPRISE: The White Lotus

The White Lotus was great and all but, DAMN! In total the HBO anthology series took home 5 wins out the 11 nominations. It completely took over the Limited or Anthology Series categories with nods for majority of the cast including 3 for Supporting Actor with cast member Murray Bartlett receiving the win. Next they shutdown the Supporting Actress category with a whopping 5 nods. Jennifer Coolidge who had an excellent performance by no surprise received the win. What was surprising was the nods for Sydney Sweeney and Natasha Rothwell who both had solid outstanding performances for their other respective shows. Sweeney killed as Cassie in Euphoria and Rothwell deserves a spin-off for playing the hell out of Kelly in Insecure.

SNUB: Regina Hall, Nine Perfect Strangers

Excuse me but did they not see Regina Hall’s performance in Hulu’s Nine Perfect Strangers!? Or how about her performance in Black Monday? Regina Hall has never received an Emmy nod and that’s just not right. In the limited series Nine Perfect Strangers, Hall tricks the audience into thinking she’s someone she’s not and then terrifies us when she reveals her true self. And throughout the 3 seasons of Showtime’s Black Monday, Hall was just simply hilarious. She knows how great her performances have been too. Hall presented the award for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series at this years Emmy’s and threw a lil’ shade at the Television Academy.

SURPRISE: Christopher Walken, Severence

This nod came as a surprise because although Christopher Walken had a great performance as Burt there were other supporting roles that could easily overshadow his. Burt’s love interest Irv played by John Turturro received a nomination in the same category of Supporting Actor in a Drama Series which makes a lot more sense.

SNUB: Andie MacDowell, Maid

Andie MacDowell owes us nothing after her performance in Netflix’s The Maid. Yet, she was left out of the running for Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series. MacDowell shared the screen with her real life daughter Margaret Qualley as her mentally unstable mother. This would’ve been and should’ve been her first ever Emmy nomination.

SNUB: The Shrink Next Door

Now, THIS was a huge snub. The Shrink Next Door based on a podcast of the same name about a true story starring Will Ferrel and Paul Rudd premiered on Apple TV November 12, 2021. Ferrel, Rudd, and Kathryn Hahn’s role as Phyllis (Ferrel’s character’s sister) was absolutely phenomenal yet they were left off of the nominations list. Why? How? I guess we’ll never know.


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