Kehlani Releases New Single Featuring Justin Bieber ”up at night”

The 3rd single to be released from Kehlani’s upcoming album Blue Water Road is out now and it’s featuring Justin Bieber. Kehlani and Justin’s collab titled ”up at night” was produced by Pop Wansel and Rogét Chahayed and dropped at 12 AM Wednesday, March 30th.

Listen to ”up at night” below.

The 1st single from Blue Water Road, ”altar” was released September 15, 2021 a day after Kehlani announced that the new album would be coming that winter. In an Instagram post December 14th, she gave an update that the album was being pushed back:

“album pushed back.. a lot needed before finishing. thinking, i put my all into an album only a little over a year ago.. a little more time won’t hurt. i have some life to go live. a couple things i need to do. places i want to see, things i wanna feel. projects to expand on. it’s not coming so far off from when it was originally expected… but it’s just ever so sliiiiiiightly nudged. life’s sweet. invisible timelines, not so much. real life has been better to me lately than anything else. focused on the rainbows. coming tho, (message to only those who really love what i do not what i look like, bullshit i overshare, my kid, my friends, my personality.. just the music) you’re gunna love it.”

Blue Water Road is now set to be released on April 29, 2022.


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