The Batman Co-stars Zoë Kravitz and Robert Pattinson Get Close for Wonderland

If you could cast the ideal Batman and Catwoman it’d probably be Robert Pattinson and Zoë Kravitz and if you could put two celebs in a hot and steamy photoshoot it’d probably be them too. Well, you’re in luck because they’ve done both.

Kravitz and Pattinson took their on screen chemistry and replicated for Wonderland Magazine. Throughout the shoot both Zoë and Robert showed us that black leather was made for them with Kravitz in Versace leather pants and bralette and Pattinson in a Bottega Veneta leather jacket as they embraced each other on the roof of the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel for their joint cover. They also posed separately in their own individual covers with Rob on a wall phone and Zoë behind water stained glass.

In the other photos, Rob sported a leather jacket while Zoë wet hair and a white sheet as she held Rob’s face and they starred into each other’s eyes. Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth captured the chemistry between the Batman co-stars perfectly. More leather ensembles were worn by Zoë including a cat mask, trench coat, and bodysuit designed by Atsuko Kudo Couture Latex and Robert including a trench coat designed by Dun Hill.

During their press tour for The Batman Kravitz and Pattinson’s connection has given fans everything they could hope for. Many fans have started to ship the co-stars despite both of their taken relationship status. Although Zoë and Robert don’t have a romantic relationship their friendship seems to be budding and they relate on the kind of career they want. Zoë states in the Wonderland interview that she thinks The Batman was what both of them were looking for as artists and commends Rob on how he’s navigated his career. “…I think [the roles] are what both of us are looking for in terms of art and the artists that we want to be. I think you’ve done a really incredible job at navigating your career and working with up-and-coming directors, writers, and searching for things that interest you – and taking really big risks as you go. You make really bold choices as an actor. I’m honestly blown away by you when I watch your work. I’m like,‘ Oh, my God, Rob’s like a really good actor.’” says Zoë to Rob in Wonderland.


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