THGRT XCAPE to Soon Release New Music

    Music artist and now model THGRT XCAPE is back with new music! Well, not yet but soon according to captions the Atlanta based artist recently posted on Instagram.

    If you’re wondering where he’s been, just last month THGRT XCAPE had a lead role playing singer Jada Lewis’s seemingly preoccupied man in a new music video for her single ”One Sided”. Watch the video below.

    In October of last year, THGRT XCAPE had his modeling debut with Atlanta clothing brand God Is Dope and also posed for street-wear brand Rich Royal.

    As far as music goes the multi-talented rapper/singer/songwriter hasn’t released music of his own in two years. But, it’s not that we haven’t heard from him. Back in August of 2021 THGRT XCAPE was featured on a single by Channing Green titled ”Freaky”. Two months prior in June he collaborated with Cam James on a track titled ”Amnesia”.

    We’re excited to be getting new music since the release of his popular 2018 single “Pinnacle” and fire 2019 EP As Above, So Below. Whatever it is that’s coming and whenever it gets here we know it’ll be worth the wait.

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