Eva Shaw’s Recently Launched Label Mad Fatti Drops New Single With DB Bantino, ‘24 Hrs’

Eva Shaw’s new single with DB Bantino ”24 Hrs” released on December 10th under Shaw’s newly launched hip-hop based label Mad Fatti. The internationally recognized producer, DJ, songwriter, vocalist, and fashion designer known for her chart-topping remixes for artists like Fifth Harmony, Rihanna, David Guetta, Ludacris, and more co-founded the Toronto, CA based label Mad Fatti in hopes of making change within the music industry by providing a safe platform to underrepresented talent. So far, Shaw is doing just that with releases like ”Hennessy” (featuring Yung Tory & BTK Villeion), ”RAW” (featuring Jaay Cee & G Milla), ”DIAMONDS” (featuring THOUXANBANFAUNI & CHXPO), ”40 Bands” (featuring Bolsen & Kris The $pirit), “CALABASAS” (featuring BTK Villeion), ”F It, I Made It” (featuring BTK Villeion & G Milla), ”Bust Down” (featuring Fedd The God, Kris The $pirit, & Reeves), and now the new single featuring DB Bantino ”24 Hrs”.

The newly released music video for Eva Shaw’s ”Bust Down” feat. Fedd The God, Kris The $pirit, & Reeves

DB Bantino is a frequent collaborator of Shaw’s and a new addition to Mad Fatti. Their new song ”24 Hrs” is the first collab that they’ve done since Bantino joined the new label. Before joing Mad Fatti Bantino was represented by Rodney Jerkin’s Seventy7/BMG Music Publishing. Bantino has songwriting credits on Fox’s Empire and A&E’s Biggie: The Life of Notorious B.I.G. as well as collaborations with Future, T-Pain, and Lil Jon. On working with Shaw Bantino states, ”Eva and I have developed a solid relationship over the years. Our processes complement each other sonically and we share the same drive to show people we’re the new wave. Whether in person or remote, I know I can just record an idea and she’ll find unique ways to bring to life the audio and visual elements. It’s also a breath of fresh air having a female voice in a leadership role at the label. I couldn’t be more proud of my contribution to Eva’s upcoming album and look forward to when the rest of the project comes out.”

Shaw thought Bantino would be the perfect person for “24 Hrs” because of the honesty and depth she feels in his lyrics, ”We both also have huge respect for our parents, who busted their asses every day to make sure we would end up ok. That’s really what ’24 Hrs’ and SOLO (the album) as a whole are all about: hustling against the odds.”

“24 Hrs” is something most people can relate to, getting up everyday and making the moves necessary to pay the bills and accomplish your dreams. ”We all have to decide how to spend the twenty-four hours given to us every day. I dedicated mine to my hustle and that’s what inspired me to create this single…” Shaw says about the new single.

If you’re vibing with ”24 Hrs” or the other previously released singles from Eva Shaw and Mad Fatti you won’t have to wait long for more new music. Shaw’s highly anticipated debut album is set to release early February 2022.

Listen to ”24 Hrs” on Everything GOOD’s The GOOD Vibes: Best New Music playlist.


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