Rapper/Actor Jasun Jabbar Talks Working With 50 Cent on ‘BMF’, Auditioning For ‘Power’, Invisalign, and New EP ‘Dope Boy Diary’

“….That keeps me going, helping other people get inspired and motivated just to keep going and fighting the good fight…” – Jasun Jabbar

In Everything GOOD’s first video interview, I talk with Atlanta based rapper and actor Jasun Jabbar aka J V S U N, 24, about his role as ”Dink” in Starz new hit series BMF, his new EP Dope Boy Diary, and much more like how he’s happy to almost be done with his Invisalign (his teeth look amazing, lol).

Picture this: you booked the biggest role of your career so far and in its first season it averages 6.5 million multi-platform views per episode, naturally it’s renewed for a second season so, you decide what better time than now to drop a new music project in theme of the TV show you’re on (BMF) to capture the moment in time. You title the project Dope Boy Diary and everybody loves it. A hit series and a fire new project, you’re on a high and boom a light goes off in your head, what if you curated an interactive event in your city to celebrate the success of both and you make it your first ticketed event. Yeah, that sounds like a dream and well, that’s exactly what Jasun did.

On Friday, December 4th Jasun Jabbar hosted a gallery in Atlanta that brought out over 100 people. The gallery featured photos of Jasun from the beginning of his acting and music careers to now as well as the moments in between. There were also vendors and an open bar. Family, friends, and supporters came out to celebrate, network, and vibe. I, as a friend, supporter, and on behalf of Everything GOOD Mag attended Dope Boy Diary gallery and I can say it was definitely a night to remember!

Jasun Jabbar live from his Dope Boy Diary gallery in Atlanta, GA.
Live footage from Dope Boy Diary gallery in Atlanta, GA.

Jasun posted to Instagram moments from the night including this photo with BMF co-stars Myles Truitt (B-Mickie) and Tyshon Freeman (Hoop).

BMF which stands for Black Mafia Family is a scripted series inspired by the true story of brothers Demetrius “Big Meech” Flenory (Demetrius “Lil Meech” Flenory Jr.) and Terry ”Southwest T” Flenory (Da’Vinchi) who eventually build one of the country’s most powerful and successful crime families. The 8 episode series is produced by G-Unit Film and Television and Alex Gibney’s Jigsaw Productions as well as executive produced by Curtis ”50 Cent” Jackson and Shan Nicholson. In BMF, Jabbar plays the role of ”Dink”, one of the drug dealers that work alongside Big Meech and T in their family they call the 50 Boyz which turns into the notorious Black Mafia Family.

In the interview, I asked Jasun if there were gems or anything specific that he and 50 talked about that stuck with him, in response he stated that 50 knew who his father was and that he dropped gems to him about writing a book which Jasun had expressed his interest in. They also have a couple of things in common; both from New York and share Cancer as their zodiac sign.

Although, Jasun has lived in Atlanta most of his life he’s originally from Brooklyn, NY which is where his late father whose namesake he carries, well-known rapper Half a Mill was also born.

Acting isn’t new to Jasun, he’s been an actor since the age of 11. Jasun’s first TV role was as Cory on Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns and ever since then he’s been on shows like Atlanta where he opened up the first episode of season 2, Black Lightening where he had a recurring role as Tavon, Creepshow where he played Binky, and he is currently filming season 3 of Stargirl reprising his role as Brian.

When it comes to the music Jasun musically known now as J V S U N (previously Protejay) doesn’t come to play. His lyricism is dope, pen game is strong and he just keeps getting better. That’s why his new 6 track EP Dope Boy Diary made it in Everything GOOD Mag’s picks for best new albums Friday, November 5th to Friday, November 19th. You can listen to the best new music playlist here and stream Dope Boy Diary.

Watch J V S U N’s new music video for stand-out track from Dope Boy Diary ”Outta The Game” below.

This year J V S U N released 3 singles before the release of Dope Boy Diary; ”1Call”, ”Year 24”, and ”At Night”. The music video for ”1Call” broke a record for J V S U N with 118,090 views and counting.

Watch the video for ”1Call” below.

He doesn’t stop there. Acting and making music isn’t all Jasun Jabbar does, he’s an all around creative and an entrepreneur. Besides writing a book in the near future what he didn’t mention in the interview was that he would be releasing a clothing brand. Yesterday, December 13th, Jabbar dropped a clothing brand called Valid Clothing. Click here to shop!


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