Rihanna Releases Limited Edition Vinyl ”Rih-Issue” of All of Her Albums

New music from Rihanna is coming eventually, now as of when? That’s TBD…But, the billionaire entrepreneur has released something while we wait. No, it’s not new music but, it’s still pretty cool. Rihanna posted photos surrounded by vinyl records to Instagram and Twitter with the caption, ”’today’s kids will never know what vinyl is”, they said! #theRIHissue shoprihanna.com”. The Rih-Issue is limited edition vinyls of all 8 of Rihanna’s albums from her 2005 debut album Music of the Sun to 2016’s Anti. Each vinyl comes in a unique color and it’s own collection of exclusive merch. The vinyls and merch can be pre-ordered right now to be shipped on November 11th via shoprihanna.com.

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