Discovering: Jordyn River

“We all need a dose of love and light, so why can’t I start with myself”Jordyn River

The Discovering series is back with a new undiscovered music artist! To recap on what “Discovering” here at Everything GOOD Mag is; it is a series of interviews where we introduce to you essentially “undiscovered” music artists you are now discovering here! Included with the series is a playlist featuring the Discovering artists music available on Spotify and Apple Music (linked at the end of the interview).

Discover Jordyn River as we discuss her debut single “Complicated”, her faith in God, and making relatable music.

Atlanta based singer, songwriter, and actress Jordyn River is full of positivity which she credits all to God. Something you’ll learn about Jordyn is that her faith in God is everything to her, it’s why she’s making music and sharing it with the world. When asked about taking her talents to the next level and becoming a singer, Jordyn tells a story about a little girl that went up to her and said that her singing gave her confidence. This moment, Jordyn feels was God using her talent to make a positive impact in someones life, ”God continues to use me as a vessel in any way he sees fit and I just follow suit.”

Although, the recently turned 23 year old artist (yes, she’s a libra) released her first single “Complicated” June 10th of this year, she’s been sharing original music online consistently for awhile now. Jordyn River has 5.3K followers on the music app Voisey where singers, rappers, poets, and producers from around the world can share their music and collaborate with each other. Because of Voisey, Jordyn has made connections with other vocalists as well as producers and has grown as a singer and songwriter.

Check out one of her Voisey’s she shared on her Instagram below.

Jordyn River is wise beyond her years, she was definitely born an old soul. When she started singing at the age of five, her favorite song to sing was ”Golden” by Jill Scott. That’s some excellent music taste for a five year old! As she’s grown into the woman that she is today it seems as though Jordyn embodies exactly what the song ”Golden” exudes; positivity, joy, and gratefulness. Jordyn is living her life like it’s golden, letting her joy unfold and representing God’s glory, just like the song.

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Everything GOOD: When did you find out you had a talent for singing?

Jordyn River: I started singing when I was around 5 years old. Jill Scott “Golden” was my go to song to sing. Don’t ask, she just resonated with me haha. But, I was also a shy kid so, I didn’t start singing confidently in front of others until I got a little older and more comfortable in my skin, my family was the only people I would sing in front of. As I got older God put me around certain people that helped me gain the courage to express and show my talent. 

EG: What made you take your talent to the next level and decide you’d become a singer?

JR: When I was in high school I started to do a lot of singing covers and convincing myself to post on Instagram just to showcase what it was that I could do. It was also a self confidence boost and understanding that this was just a form of self expression. I never had it set in stone in my mind that I would be a singer it was just something I knew I could do and it was a form of just being comfortable in showcasing a gift that makes other people feel good. But as time went by, I was given opportunities to perform in front of others and the feedback I would get would be amazing. I had a little girl come up to me and she said “You sounded so beautiful and when you sang to me I felt connected with you, I’ve always wanted to do what you do but was so afraid but after watching you and talking with you, you helped me gain confidence in knowing that if you can do it so can I”. Her name was Alexis and I’ll never forget that comment because it just made my heart smile. My thought process is if you can reach people in ways that make a positive impact then that’s all that matters. God continues to use me as a vessel in any way he sees fit and I just follow suit. 

EG: What inspired you to write “Complicated”?

JR: “Complicated” honestly was a spur of the moment. My amazing producer DJ Palmer sent me this dope track and I was instantly hooked. I went to the studio and met up with good friend Jewel, better known as “LucytheDreamer”, and I told her I don’t have any ideas but I know I want to write to it. With her always being my go to to co write, we just stayed in the studio for hours and just kept the track on replay and started winging it, came up with a melody off the top and complicated kind of just fell into play. It’s so crazy because to this day I am told that whoever listens to it can honestly relate to a moment in their lives where they were going through a time with someone they cared for and it was “complicated”. So it feels good to know that people can resonate with it in their own way.

EG: So, not only is LucytheDreamer featured on the song, she also co-wrote it. That’s dope! How did this relationship come about?

JR: Jewel AKA “LucytheDreamer”, my goodness I’ve known her for almost 5 years now! We first met through auditioning for a local artist to be background singers and we both made the cut and formed a friendship since then. We rehearsed together 25/8, we hung out and formed a sisterhood and she’s always been there since I can remember. When it came to singing we are each others coach, we complimented each others vocal skill and harmonized great together, whenever one of us had a weakness or a struggle we would help work on that weakness and turn it into something great. We see growth. She is one of the ones I call an Angel on my team for sure . So when I finally got an opportunity to make my first ever single, she was the first person to come to mind on making this song come to life. Forever grateful for her, I wouldn’t trade her for anything. 

EG: “Complicated” released in June of this year, why was this the right time for you to put out your first single?

JR: With everything else going on in this thing called life, June was a month where I finally had a little down time to actually focus and make sure the song was dropped so I could see the reactions. I tried to drop it sooner but it just was never a good time, so I kind of let go and let god take charge and just went with the flow and God’s timing is never wrong.

EG: Most people can relate to being in a complicated situation, is making relatable music a goal for you? 

JR: Yes. I honestly feel like when it comes to any artist, that making music should be something that comes from your heart. Any experience or emotion that you feel , you should let it out and if it naturally connects with people along the way then that’s a plus. Music is a form of expression , it’s meant to be heard . Why hold onto something that might actually make a difference in someone’s life at that time. Letting it be known that they’re not alone, or that they’re not the only ones to be in that kind of situation and that it’s normal. 

EG: Those that don’t know you don’t know how much of a ray of sunshine you are, what keeps you moving forward in everything from everyday life to your artistry with a positive mindset?

JR: God! THATS IT! Ha! Don’t get me wrong I’m human, so I have my moments where I just be wanting to scream or be in my feelings. I mean who doesn’t. But, at the end of the day I pray, not just for myself but for others whether that be my friends, my family, my pets, or a stranger that I had met that day. Sometimes my spirit just kind of finds a way to just bring me back into that center. I have a habit of nowadays asking myself what would God do in the situation or if somebody crosses my mind to just send them a message just letting them know that they were thought about today because you don’t know what anyone’s going through throughout the day and you don’t wanna give off negative energy and add on to what’s been going on in their lives. So, I do my best to try to stay as balanced as I can. I do my best to show love when I can, show any ounce of kindness that I can which I find is so much better to just give love freely rather than being standoffish when it’s not needed or necessary. We all need a dose of love and light, so why can’t I start with myself you know? 

EG: We’ve only gotten a taste of what you can do, how would you describe the music you’re creating now?

JR: Hmm, that’s a good question. I think with me just starting out, I’m just dropping singles little by little for now. But, the music will be mostly about my growth in terms of certain parts of my life that will never be forgotten but used as a tool because I’ve learned from them. Whether that’s from love, family, friendships. 

EG: You’ve been doing your thing on Voisey, people seem to love what you’re creating. What made you start creating Voisey’s?

JR: Man I don’t even know how I came across Voisey if I’m being honest! I just know when I did come across the app it was exciting. It was a place where you can meet upcoming producers or collaborate with them and even collaborate with different artist and different people with these amazing talent across the world. I think what made me stay on the app was when I started to form friendships and connections with dope artists that honestly were there to make magic and then we created magic together. Not only that I even discovered parts of myself that I never really knew I had, I dipped into doing a little bit of jazz, I even tried country music, I even went into this rock metal sound at one point that was so good that people honestly enjoyed it. So, I witnessed different parts of myself and realized that I can dabble in more than just one genre of music which was an eye-opener for me. It even helped me in my songwriting phase because there were times where I would have serious writers block but thanks to the friendships i formed,  I had people I can lean on that helped me get out of that, whether that was doing workshops or just helping me find a way to just make something up off the rip and turn it into something pretty great. 

EG: What can we expect next from Jordyn River?

JR: Hopefully another single before the years over! Once again I am new to this side of things and I hope you guys bare with me but do know that when I work on the next song that I am making sure that it’s sounding how I want it to sound and that it’s something that you guys could just vibe to and the more comfortable I get the more songs you will hear! 

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