Iowa Based Rapper/Author Combines War, Aliens, + Zombies in New Digital Comic

Des Moines, Iowa rapper and author, who goes by the pen name Basi Affia and known on stage as TYP-O has created a sci-fi comic that combines war, aliens, and zombies. It’s titled Aaru En Duat and takes place during WW3 when a team lead by Field Commander Azriel Black is sent into the deep depths of space. They come across a sinister force called the Mulran that bring along zombie-like creatures. The one person that can defeat the Mulran and save the world? Azriel Black.

Aaru En Duat will be released Monday, September 13th. Get the comic here.

Read the full description below:

The artist for Aaru En Duat is Kapi Workshop. Check out a couple of snapshots from the comic below.

You can support this comic by donating here.

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