Chlöe Bailey Drops First Solo Single “Have Mercy”

Chlöe Bailey shared to Instagram the cover art to her new single “Have Mercy” on Monday and it had everyone talking. Fans are loving that Chlöe’s stretch marks are visible on the cover instead of being edited out which is what we’re used to seeing when it comes to celebrity’s photos. This is Chlöe’s first music release as Chlöe and not Chloe x Halle. The single released today Friday, September 10th and Chlöe is set to perform “Have Mercy” at the VMAs on Sunday, September 12th which will be her first live solo performance.

Keep scrolling to watch the music video for “Have Mercy”.

The music video for “Have Mercy” premiered at the time of the songs release and is already at 3.4 million views on Youtube. Chlöe shared a preview of the music video on her Instagram a couple of days ago but little did we know exactly how amazing the video would be.

Chlöe shows a wild side we’ve never seen before from the Grammy nominated singer and Grown-ish actress, I mean she licked all over a statue and had some pretty bold moves. The storyline begins with a radio message about a man gone missing, at the end of the video the story comes together as Chlöe is the one that has taken the missing man in question (played by Rome Flynn) and turned him into a stone statue.

From the cover art to the choreography to the fashion to the blonde locs to the cameo from Tina Knowles, Chloe has proved she is here to stay and push past the music industry boundaries with “Have Mercy”.

Watch the music video below.

Chlöe’s solo career came at no surprise. It’s obvious that Chloe and Halle although the best duo, have two very different aesthetics and personalities that deserve to be shown off in their own individual lights. It was predicted Chlöe and Halle were starting their solo careers when the sisters made their own personal Instagram’s.

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