Kanye West Live Streams Finishing New Album ‘Donda’ On Apple Music

Right now, you can watch Kanye West and his team finishing up his new album Donda in a small room at the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA. West has been living in the stadium since his Donda listening event that took place there on July 22nd as the album was previously suppose to release July 23rd.

The live stream is via Apple Music and will continue throughout the night for the Kanye West Presents the Donda Album Release event that is happening at 9 PM. In the room is a countdown clock counting down to the release of Donda which will be at 12:30 AM Friday, August 6th. So far in the live stream there has been appearances from Chance The Rapper, Jadakiss, Steve Lacy, Vic Mensa, and more.

Fans were able to buy tickets to the event on Ticketmaster and I am one of the fans that will be attending the event tonight! Live footage will be posted on the Everything GOOD Mag’s Instagram story.

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