Channing Greene Features THGRT XCAPE On New Single “Freaky”

It looks like we didn’t have to wait long after all for new music from Memphis born artist THGRT XCAPE. Today, Los Angeles native Channing Green dropped his new single “Freaky” featuring THGRT XCAPE, a late night vibe perfect for the summer. THGRT XCAPE took on a different style for this collaboration. Although, not a secret talent this is the first time we get to hear THGRT XCAPE singing. Green and XCAPE’s voices mesh well together making a great team and Green knew they would. When Green heard the track he knew THGRT XCAPE would be the perfect person to complete what is now the single, “Freaky”. Hopefully we get to hear more collabs between the two artists in the future.

Listen to “Freaky” below on Youtube and Spotify.

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