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“When my listeners say that they can relate to my lyrics, it means the world. It also shows that I can help someone feel less alone in their emotions.” – Gaby Paul

 Happy Friday! We are back with the new series here at Everything GOOD Mag called “Discovering” where we introduce to you essentially “undiscovered” music artists you are now discovering through this series! Every musician in this series will be introduced to you by way of an interview. Included with the series is a playlist by the same name available on Spotify and Apple Music. Every Friday will be a new artist and the playlist will be updated each time with two songs by the artist that is being discovered that Friday.

Discover Gaby Paul as she talks about her obsession with the past, poetry, and Nina Simone.
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This Friday’s Discovering artist is singer/songwriter Gaby Paul, 26. Paul is a Phoenix, Arizona native who’s sound is as hot as the desert. When first hearing Paul’s music, her slow tempo and sultry voice reminded me of Lana Del Rey. Not to compare the two, although she gives a similar vibe Gaby Paul has her own voice unlike any other. Her music makes you feel like you’re a lover burning with passion in a 1940s or 50s film like An Affair To Remember (1957) or Casablanca (1942).

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Gaby Paul’s music is cross between jazz, blues, and R&B which all coincide together. It only make sense that Paul’s biggest musical influences are Nina Simone and Amy Winehouse, both of which she relates to in one way or another. Paul relates to Nina Simone’s lyrics as a misunderstood woman and Amy Winehouse’s personal struggles. She also feels Winehouse kept blues music alive which is important to Gaby being that blues is something she sings. Paul’s track titled “Desvelado Blues” which you can only find on Youtube along with a visual has the reminiscent style of old blues in black and white film like Billie Holiday’s 1956 “Lady Sings the Blues”. In her Discovering interview, Paul breaks down the song “Desvelado Blues” as well as the visual. You can watch it below.

The latest from Gaby Paul is the lyric visual for her most recent single “Untruly”. The visual was released on July 9th. The song “Untruly” like many songs in the same genre is about a guy.

We didn’t see each other for long because it was clear I wasn’t his type and he wasn’t mine. After a while I felt like he belonged to me but I knew he didn’t”, Paul says in the interview.

In February of this year Paul released a trippy tune titled “Sonora”. In the Instagram post below Paul explains the inspiration behind the song and gives a warning to “proceed with caution” as it is a different kind of vibe.

Keep scrolling to read the full story behind “Untruly” and more about Gaby Paul.

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Everything GOOD: When did you start making music? 

Gaby Paul: I started writing music as a teenager. When I was a kid I would write poetry and soon after my 16th birthday, those poems turned into songs. I started my vocal performance training at 14 years old in Classical music, Opera and Theatre. Then I moved onto Jazz and R&B at the age of 17. 

EG: How did your latest single “Untruly” come about? Was there a specific moment  that inspired the writing of the song? 

GP: I wrote “Untruly” about a guy I used to see. We didn’t see each other for long because it was clear I wasn’t his type and he wasn’t mine. After a while I felt like he belonged to me but I knew he didn’t. He felt the same way about me but I was never his to own. There wasn’t a specific moment where I realized this. It was a gradual feeling that lingered and got stronger and more obvious over time. 

EG: Who are your musical influences? 

GP: I’m very inspired by Nina Simone. Her deep, masculine tone is gorgeous and evokes so much emotion. I think she was a very gifted songwriter because I can relate to some of her lyrics of a misunderstood woman. I also love Amy Winehouse because no one sings like she did. She kept the blues alive, for sure. I can also relate to a lot of the personal struggles she went through in life. 

EG: You use clips from vintage films for the visuals of your songs which is super cool and fitting to your sound. Tell us about the importance of these vintage films to you. Is this a recent interest or have you always watched them? 

GP: I think when I edit a video, I use certain cinema that portrays the words I am singing in the song and how the melody makes me feel. For “Desvelado Blues”, the moon in the beginning and ending of the visual is supposed to represent insomnia. The Spanish word “desvelado” is about staying up all night thinking about one specific person. The person makes you destructive and long for them like they are a drug. The moon in the edit looks like it has a syringe in it and that’s what it’s supposed to symbolize in my video. The moon clip is from a French film called “Le Voyage dans la Lune”. I’ve always been obsessed with the past and so I like watching old movies. 

EG: Is there any artist (that’s alive) that you would absolutely shed tears if you got to work with them on a song? 

GP: I think I’d shed tears if Kid Cudi or PARTYNEXTDOOR wanted to use my vocals for a hook on a song. I’ve always wanted to collaborate with Hip Hop artists and I think some jazzy vocals would do a song justice. 

EG: What’s the best part about making music? 

GP: I’d say the best thing about making music is getting my feelings out and using my emotions for something productive. When my listeners say that they can relate to my lyrics, it means the world. It also shows that I can help someone feel less alone in their emotions. 

EG: Are there any artists you have on repeat right now? 

GP: Hiatus Kaiyote, Alina Baraz, Sinead Harnett and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. 

EG: Where do you see yourself when it comes to music in the next 5 years? 

GP: I see my music growing and evolving but staying true to my signature sound at its core. I’d like to have my songs featured in films and/or tv shows. Since I’m such a visual and imaginative person I think coupling my music to any kind of visual art would be fitting. 

EG: Describe your music using only 3 words. 

GP: Dark, melancholy, sultry. 

EG: What can we expect next from Gaby Paul? 

GP: Expect some new projects that consist of bedroom tunes and more storytelling visuals.

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