Missy Elliott + the City Girls Collab for ‘Twerkulator’ Music Video

This might be one the best music videos out right now.

The official music video for the City Girls “Twerkulator” is here. The best part about it? It’s directed by Missy Elliott which makes perfect sense when watching the video. Elliott is known for having an innovative and outside of the box style in her work and she continued that style while directing “Twerkulator”.

Not too long ago we were shaking what our mamas gave us on TikTok to a snippet of the then unreleased “Twerkulator”. The latest City Girls single wasn’t cleared at first because of its sampling of Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force’s 1982 hit song “Planet Rock”. The “Twerkulator”‘s chorus takes from the of the 1992 song “Coffee Pot” by Cajmere. TikTok users and City Girls fans made it known that they wanted the full version of the song, luckily something made it happen. Maybe the fan’s cries were heard, who knows.

The music video starts with an announcement narration from Missy Elliott saying, “This is an emergency. This is not a test. Everyone, please take shelter immediately! The Twerkulators have already invaded Twerk City, and you don’t have much time. They’ve already landed, and they’re taking over. Run for cover, motherfuckers!” Then, two women come in twerking, destroying the city below them. Choreographer Sean Bankhead made a cameo at the start of the video. Of course, as always the dancing was on point! There’s also a few recognizable brands that make appearances throughout the video.

There’s mixed reviews going around about the new visual from the City Girls but, you can watch below and see for yourself.

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