THGRT XCAPE Collaborates With Cam James On New Track “Amnesia”

THGRT XCAPE is back with new music!

Fans of the Memphis rapper/singer THGRT XCAPE highly anticipated the arrival of his debut EP As Above, So Below back in 2019. After the drop of the EP, THGRT XCAPE released the music video for the EP’s fan favorite track, “Cloud IX” April of 2020. The music video was shot pre-pandemic when we were all carefree and unaware of what was about to come and the unexpected surely came. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak the world was shutdown and THGRT understandably went on a hiatus. But, now the hiatus is over and THGRT XCAPE is back and better than ever with a new track!

THGRT XCAPE joined forces with Atlanta native Cam James on a new single titled “Amnesia”. The new song dropped in April and we’re anxiously awaiting for more music. But, word from an undisclosed source says that we don’t have to wait too much longer for new music from THGRT XCAPE.

Listen to “Amnesia” by Cam James and THGRT XCAPE.

Watch the music video for “Cloud IX” by THGRT XCAPE.

Featured photo credit: Chase Souffle

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