The Cast of Insecure Say Their Emotional Goodbyes On Last Day of Filming

Somebody get the Kleenex because they aren’t the only ones crying, we’re crying too!

After 5 seasons, HBO’s Insecure officially wrapped its 5th and final season. The show’s creator, Issa Rae, who also plays the main character, Issa Dee as well as Yvonne Orji who plays Issa Dee’s best friend Molly, shared to Instagram photos and videos of their last day on set. Orji gave an emotional heartfelt thank you speech to the crew, cast, and a special shoutout to Issa Rae, “Issa I owe so much to you, we all do, I’m so grateful that I got to rock with you by your side for 6 years and like a Drake album nothing will ever be the same.”

When everyone is sad to leave, you know you had a great boss, co-workers, and overall great work environment which makes being a fan of Insecure even better.

Issa popped a bottle of sparkling wine in celebration of the cast and crew’s hard work over the years. She gave a toast in only a way Issa Rae can;

“Toast to the best mothaf*ckin’ cast, crew, writers, producers, all the squad assistants, PA’s, behind the scenes that encompasses everything, this is to y’all we made five seasons. We came in when we wanted to, we leaving how we wanted to on our terms. Lets keep it f*cking going…”

It’s truly a sad moment to see Insecure go but because of Issa Rae’s recent 8 figure deal with HBO there will be plenty of new show’s with new characters to fall in love with. But, of course nothing can replace Issa, Molly, Lawrence, Kelli, and Tiffany’s place in our hearts.

Lastly, look at Yvonne Orji’s then and now. Ugh, Yvonne! Stop making us cry!

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