Watch: JoJo’s ‘good to know’ 1 Year Anniversary Live Performance

On May 1, 2020, JoJo dropped her fourth studio album, good to know. This album was special because it was the singers’ first release since leaving Atlantic Records and launching her own record label imprint, Clover Music with Warner Records in 2017. In 2018, JoJo rerecorded and re-released her second studio album The High Road (2006) that has the hit song “Too Little Too Late”. The label drama in her career caused gaps for JoJo and her music but this album was a comeback (no pun intended). The live performance in celebration of good to know‘s one year anniversary premiered on Youtube May 1st.

Watch JoJo’s virtual live concert experience of good to know below.

Will JoJo be doing an in person concert soon? On her Instagram she posted a video clip of the performance with the caption, “i wanna take it on the road. who’s down?”.

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