Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy AKA ‘Thunder Force’ Look Back at Their 25 Year Friendship

Who knew? Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy go way back! The two co-stars have been best friends for 25 years! Now, they’re saving the world together. McCarthy is Lydia and Spencer is Emily Stanton in the new Netflix Action/Comedy film Thunder Force. Also starring in the movie are Jason Bateman, Bobby Cannavale, Pom Klementieff, and of course, Ben Falcone, McCarthy’s husband was part of the cast. Falcone was also the director and screenplay writer. So, not only did McCarthy get to be on set with her hubby but also with her bestie. So, cool!

Here are Instagram posts the Thunder Force duo posted about their friendship.

Melissa McCarthy revealed that Octavia Spencer caught the bouquet at her wedding! Awwwww!

Learn more about their friendship in these joint interviews with Collider and Jimmy Kimmel Live below.

Want a laugh? This ASMR from our new favorite besties is HILARIOUS!

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