Everything You Need to Know About the Sex and the City Revival

And Just Like That…

…the fabulous, cosmo drinking, designer shoe loving girls we love are coming back with a reboot of the iconic Sex and the City. Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed the reboot on her Instagram January 10th of this year, revealing in the caption its title and where we can watch it.

It’s titled And Just Like That… and will be on HBO Max as a limited series. And Just Like That… will follow Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte York (Kristin Davis), and Miranda Hobbes (Cynthia Nixon). Unfortunately, the fourth leading lady, Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall) will not be returning for the revival.

Why isn’t Cattrall coming back? Well, the feud between SJP and Cattrall is no secret. But, Parker cleared the air about the situation in a response to an Instagram commenter’s claim that the two “dislike each other”. Parker replied, “No. I don’t dislike her. I’ve never said that. Never would.” She continued: “Samantha isn’t part of this story. But she will always be part of us. No matter where we are or what we do”.

Here’s everything we know about the revival:

  • The writers’ room is all women. In a January interview with Vanity Fair, Parker mentioned that she was excitedly awaiting the scripts the show runner, Michael Patrick King was concocting with a writers room made up entirely of women many who are new to the show.
  • Will Carrie still be with Mr. Big? We’re not sure. Of course fans are asking and even concerned that it’s a possibility Mr. Big could be killed off. But, Chris Noth shut those rumors down stating that fans shouldn’t believe everything in the media and that things are subject to change at any moment. Other rumors spreading on Mr. Big’s character is that he could be going to prison for white-collar crimes and that’s the reason he and Carrie would get divorced. Fans on Reddit discussed this possible storyline, many saying that it’s believable.
  • Aiden Shaw might not be “the one that got away” after all, he’s coming back. In an interview with Page Six, John Corbett confirmed that he will be reprising his role as Aiden Shaw saying “I’m going to do the show”. When asked how many episodes he’d be appearing in, Corbett responded, “I think I might be in quite a few”. We can’t wait to see how Carrie’s ex fiancé will be back in her life.
  • Every episode will be 30 mins. In the original, Sex and the City each episode was half an hour and the revival will be the same.
  • Samantha Jones will not be killed off. HBO Max’s chief content officer Casey Bloys explained how they’re addressing her absence on the show. In an interview with TVLine he stated, “Just as real people come into your life, people leave” he continued, “Friendships fade, and new friendships start. So I think it is all very indicative of real stages, the actual stages of life.” Fans in the comments aren’t too happy with where the writers are going with the storyline, one comment said, “Why can’t Samantha be in another state, or even in another country?”.
  • Steve Brady? Maybe. This is another up in the air return. Pagesix reported that David Eisenburg who plays Steve Brady, Miranda’s baby daddy turned husband is not returning. But, his rep told Pagesix that he was in negotiations to appear in the new series. We’ll just have to see.
  • It will address the pandemic. SJP told Vanity Fair that the Coronavirus pandemic will be a part of the storyline because of the city the characters live in.
  • Production starts spring of 2021. Although, a release date has not yet been announced, it is confirmed that production begins (or has began) this spring.
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