100 Ways You Can Help Save the Earth

Earth day is everyday.

We’ve found some websites that give us a list of ways we can help save our home, planet Earth! Yesterday was the official Earth Day holiday and because of that information about what we as residents of this planet can do to save it have been circulating the internet. “What do you mean, ‘save it’?” Well, Earth is gasping for air, it’s holding on for dear life. Earth is like:

So, here are 10 links to resources informing us on what we can do:

Earthday.org – 51 Ways To Restore Our Earth

Poosh.com – 12 Ways to Save the Earth

CDC.ca – 14 Ways You Can Help the Earth…Starting Now!

Nature.org – 3 Ways to Save the Earth

Ecowatch.com – 10 Things You Can Do to Help Save the Earth

50waystohelp.com – 50 Ways to Help the Planet

Oceanservice.noaa.gov – Protecting Our Planet Starts With You

Greenmatch.co.uk – 70 Ways to Save the Earth

Greenamerica.org – Green Living

WWF.org.uk – 10 Things You Can Do to Help Save Our Planet

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