Derek Chauvin Has Been Found Guilty on All Charges for George Floyd Murder

People all around the world are praising God that justice has been served today in the case of George Floyd’s murder. The trial for Derek Chauvin, the police officer who held his knee on George Floyd’s neck until he could no longer breathe has been found guilty on all charges of murder and manslaughter. This is a victory because unjustifiable murder after unjustifiable murder by white police officers of POC and more specifically of African-American men and women continue to happen without repercussions. They hand out death sentences like candy but prison sentences are rarely ever given. Although we rejoice in today’s verdict, what about tomorrow’s? There will continue to be trial after trial for murdered Black men and women but when will the murder stop? Justice will truly be served when the police force and judicial system are changed. Until then, we have to continue to lift are voices as high as we possibly can in the name of racial justice.

We will continue to say his name. May George Floyd rest in peace.

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