How You Can Help Support Daunte Wright’s Family + Demand Justice for Black Lives

Systematic racism continues to thrive in America and affect the daily lives of Black Americans. We see the same story play out time and time again where a police officer uses their position to threaten, harass, beat, and kill unarmed Black people. When they are suppose to protect and serve, they do just the opposite. It has been a year since Breonna Taylor and George Floyd’s murder. People all around the world marched in protest to demand justice for Floyd and Taylor as well as many others like Ellijah McClain, Jacob Blake, and Ahmaud Arbery. Just as it has always been justice is being demanded again. Amidst the Derek Chauvin trial, another police officer has shot and killed an unarmed Black man. 20 year old father Daunte Wright lost his life at the hands of a veteran police officer during a minor traffic stop Sunday in Minneapolis. Minneapolis police chief Tim Gannon reported the shooting as ‘accidental’, that the officer meant to pull out a taser. This has ignited protests all over the country.

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You’ve probably been wondering what you can do to help in the fight for change, here’s how.

Read the Instagram posts below from @holisticheaux on how you can help support Daunte Wright’s son and girlfriend as well as the Instagram post from @everydayracism_ on how you can help Minnesota organizations and protesters who are out making their voices heard. We all know how dangerous it can be to even peacefully protest in this country and covid doesn’t help. But, being on the front lines isn’t the only way to get involved in the demand for justice.

More ways you can help:

Click here for ways you can help from

Click here to donate to Daunte Wright’s official GoFundMe page. All donations will go to his family.

Petitions to sign:

List of petitions for law changes and victims – Justice for Daunte Wright

Organizations to support:

Reclaim the Block

Black Lives Matter

Voices for Racial Justice

Keep checking back to see how else you can contribute as this post will continue to be updated.

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