Jhené Aiko Celebrates 33rd Birthday and 10th Anniversary of ‘Sailing Soul(s)’

Sailing Soul(s) has been on repeat since Jhené Aiko released it on all streaming platforms after 10 years of the classic debut mixtape released. On this very day (3/16), Jhené Aiko’s birthday, Sailing Soul(s) was released and from there is history. Not only are we able to listen to our favorites on the mixtape like “Strangers”, “You vs Them”, “Do Better Blues”, and “My Mine” just to name a few but Aiko also added 4 oldies but goodies bonus tracks that we love as well; “Living Room Flow”, “Mirrors”, “2 Seconds”, and “Snapped”. But, this 10 year celebratory release is missing 2 fan favorites, “July” and “Growing Apart Too” that were on the original Sailing Soul(s) track list. 5 days ago, Jhené posted the 2021 updated track list with the songs noticeably missing and fans didn’t hesitate to comment asking “where is July?”.

In response to one fan who commented “I’m happy and all, but there are some songs missing??? Care to explain yourself Ms. Chilombo??”, Jhene pinned the comment and replied “how about a live version to stream?”. As a huge Jhené Aiko fan I am SCREAMING at this response! (literally screaming).

Just two days ago were the Grammys and Jhené Aiko hosted the Premiere Ceremony, overcoming her lifetime fear of public speaking. The now 33 year old singer-songwriter shared photos of her on stage at the ceremony to her Instagram with a heartfelt caption telling her story of her struggles and how she’s been fighting through it. You can read it below.

Jhene shared “happy 3:16” posts to her Instagram in a gorgeous bright orange gown and also shared the cutest throwback photo thanking everyone for the birthday wishes.

She continued to celebrate on her Instagram with a live performance of her song “LOVE”.

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