Must Watch: Bad Hair [Review]

If you’ve been on social media you probably saw people talking about the Hulu original movie “Bad Hair”. It’s been getting mixed reviews, some saying it’s the worst movie they’ve ever seen and others saying it’s the best movie of the year. Bad Hair released November 27th on Hulu and is directed and screen written by Justin Simien. Simien is also responsible for the 2014 movie Dear White People. I think its safe to say he may be a genius. I’m pretty sure the people who gave Bad Hair a bad review just weren’t grasping the concept. It’s a mock or satire of 1980s horror films which is why some viewers may take it as the acting not being up to par. This article will not be spoiler no spoil alerts here but I will talk about the premise of the film and my opinion of it. Bad Hair stars Elle Lorraine as Anna Bludso and casted stars such as Lena Waithe, Vanessa Williams, Kelly Rowland, Blair Underwood, Laverne Cox, Usher, and more!


The film discusses the topic of hair in the black community and in the most creative out of the box way. The story follows Anna Bludso who we see as a child getting permanently scarred from a perm left in too long. Many black women can relate to the traumatic experience that is getting perms at a young age and feeling that burn waiting for the pain to be rinsed out. We see Anna struggling with being a woman and being a black woman with natural hair in the work place. As she tries to move her way up the ladder with racism from white coworkers and prejudice from her own people she goes and gets what society calls “good hair” which is long and straight the only problem is this good hair is actually really REALLY bad. Hence the title of the film Bad Hair. There are so many relatable moments like when she goes to get the sew in required to keep her job and the hair dresser, Virgie played by Laverne Cox is braiding her hair so tight and Anna is in so much pain not only because it’s tight but also she’s tender headed from her perm damage, her scalp starts bleeding. Now, her scalp bleeding was exaggerated and part of the horror of the film. I personally have never had my scalp bleed but it feels like it might as well have! This part was definitely hard to watch and intense I could literally feel her pain as I think most of us can. Bad Hair gets us talking about how much we put ourselves through for the sake of this worlds standard of beauty and it has us reflecting on how we view our natural hair. I don’t want to say too much i’ll just say again, this movie is GENIUS. 10/10. Go watch on Hulu and see it for yourself!

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  1. I truly enjoyed reading your review of this movie. There were many relatable moments throughout the movie. I would reccomend others watch this movie.

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