Beyonce Releases “Black Pack” As Part of the New Ivy Park x Adidas Drip 2 Collection

Beyonce isn’t just the best performer in the world but she’s one of the best marketers too. For her new Ivy Park x Adidas collection “Drip 2” she released promo videos on her Instagram for a video introduction of the collection she calls “Beyrobics”. Genius! In the promo videos Beyonce mocks 80s workout tapes (thank you Jane Fonda).

*inserts Jane Fona 1987 workout tape below*

Here’s Beyonce’s “Beyrobics” promo video for Ivy Park x Adidas. Did she nail it or what!?

Drip 2: Black Pack released globally yesterday but officially released in-stores today.

Beyonce in her natural state in Drip 2: Black Pack featured in her British Vogue cover story.

Here’s a look at more of the collection Bey released at the end of October.

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