Ariana Grande’s Music Video for “34+35” is Out of This World

First of all, can we talk about the split and twerk Miss Grande did!?

Ariana has a way of elegantly sending a message and the message here is very clear. As we’ve established in the Positions review the latest album is very sexy and Ariana shows us her nasty (ha, get it nasty) side. The split she does in this music video for “34+35” had me go “whaaaat ARIANA??” i’m honestly amazed and love to see this side of the pop superstar! “34+35” is my favorite song on the album and its very clever. If you haven’t heard the song yet or the album in general you might be wondering what 34+35 is suppose to mean. Well, here’s the clever part…34+35, like the title of the album says, is a position. Now, if you listen to the song it becomes very apparent and at the end she literally tells us “means i’m tryna sixty nine with ya (no sh*t)”.

In the video Ariana is a scientist and a robot. She experiments with herself and tries to bring the robot version of herself to life. When robot Ariana is full of power she uses it to turn the scientist Ariana and the diverse group of scientist dancers into glamorous doll like figures. Overall, this video is a 10/10!

Watch the official music video below:

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