Good Food: The Best Lo Mein in Atlanta?

If you live in Atlanta or your planning to visit and love lo mein this is for you!

Update: Unfortunately, Hawkers Asian Street Fare is temporarily closed for renovations.

Welcome to my favorite restaurant, Hawkers Asian Street Fare located on the Beltline in the city of Atlanta, GA. When you arrive you’ll see a nice lounge like outside patio and outside bar. As you can see there’s neon red lights so you can’t miss it. It’s a dope atmosphere inside and out. When you go inside there’s cool artwork and you can see inside the kitchen.  I love the vibe here it’s one of the reasons I continue to come back. But, of course the main reason is that the food is delicious! I’m pretty sure you can order anything on menu and be pleased. The first time I came here I had the Korean twice fried wings and the fried chicken bao sandwich. The second time I had the chicken dumplings and the bao sandwich again. I feel in love both times and couldn’t wait to come back to my new favorite spot. But the third time…whew the third time…I had chicken lo mein and oh…my…goodness. It was the best lo mein I’ve ever had! Now, granted this was my first time having lo mein while being in Atlanta. But in Des Moines, Iowa where I’m from I ate lo mein all of the time and even made it at home myself often. But, this was the best I’ve ever had, hands down. I couldn’t stop thinking about it so when I came back the fourth time I had to have it again which is the picture you see below. This serving was bigger than the one I had before and I was sooooo happy about that. 

I understand since this was my very first Atlanta lo mein experience it’s imperative that I check out the lo mein at other restaurants and compare but as of right now this is the best!

My friend got the eyes on the fries again. It’s poutine fries but with an Asian twist, it’s topped with curry gravy. 

Don’t get me started on the Korean twice fried wings. I love love them! You can’t go wrong with these. They’re topped with crushed peanuts so if you have a nut allergy make sure you order without!


Sienna Stewart

The Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Everything GOOD Mag.

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