Facts About The First Woman VP, Kamala Harris

Congratulations are in order for the first woman Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris and new President, Joe Biden!

Harris on the cover of Elle Magazine.

When I saw the above magazine at the Grocery store on election day, I felt many things. I felt proud to see a black woman as the possible Vice President of the United States but I also felt anxious because what if they don’t win and we have to suffer through 4 more years of Trump presidency?

Well, today people all over the country danced and cheered in the streets in celebration of the long awaited results of this election. Donald Trump will be out of the white house, and we all can take a sigh of relief! We can only hope that Biden and Harris will make us proud and do their best on our behalf. I was almost brought to tears today because history was made again. We rejoiced as history was made when President Obama was elected in 2008 and he will always be our President! In this country built on the hatred of people of color and the blood on the backs of my ancestors we had a black family in the white house for the very first time. It was a victory we could never forget. Our grandparents and great aunts and uncles got to experience something they never thought possible in this country full of prejudice and racism they experienced their whole lives. Imagine, growing up in Jim Crow America and then it never really changes and then you elect a black man as the President. Amazing. Now, imagine being a woman. In 1920, women got the right to vote. Women still fight for equality in this country as we are not treated as equal to men, still. So, imagine being black and a woman. It is a never ending fight. It was unfortunate when Donald Trump was elected President 4 years ago, it felt like a big slap in the face from our neighbors who voted for him. And it was a big slap in the face. It was a big F you to people of color, people in the LGBTQ community, and to women. Donald Trump as we know is sexist, racist, a complete bigot. We saw what his campaign of “make america great again” resulted in. We saw peoples true colors. The people we didn’t know were racist come out as just that when they put on that red hat and put his logo up on their walls. We saw violence towards POC from the people who voted for him. It was scary to see and still is. America took a huge step back after taking a huge step forward electing Obama. But, we take a step forward again. Joe Biden made history as the most popular votes in American history surpassing President Obama. We won today, America. We won because majority of Americans voted for equality and justice for all and in opposition of lies and hate. We did it!

Get to know Vice President Kamala Harris

Here are 5 facts about our new VP.

  1. She was born to immigrant parents an Indian mother and Jamaican father. Her name actually comes from her Indian heritage, she was named by her mother. Kamala means lotus in Sanskrit.
Photo via: nytimes

We love a multicultural queen.

2. She was born in Oakland, CA and grew up in Berkeley.

Photo via: latimes

3. She graduated from Howard University and is an AKA.

Photo via: nytimes

4. She grew up in an activist home and continued her activism in college.

Photo via: nytimes

5. She was the first black woman to be elected district attorney in California.

San Francisco’s new district attorney, Kamala Harris, right, receives the oath of office from California Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald M. George, left, during inauguration ceremonies Thursday, Jan. 8, 2004, in San Francisco. In the center is Harris’ mother, Dr. Shyamala Gopalan, who holds a copy of “The Bill of Rights.” Harris, a political novice and career prosecutor, became San Francisco’s chief law enforcer Thursday and California’s first district attorney of Indian and black descent. (AP Photo/George Nikitin)
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