Good Film: Selma

Selma to Montgomery walked hundreds of people, ready to die for the rights of African-Americans.

Selma, shows a time when African-Americans could not vote.
Martin Luther King Jr. as well as many others set out to change the inequality of the law.

[No spoiler alerts] This movie will draw you in from the moment it starts. I felt as if I was there. And when I say rivers will fall from your eyes, I mean literally.

I’ve always known this, but my people are strong. I have perseverance through slavery and the fight of the civil rights movement running through my veins.

As Common said at the Golden Globe Awards, “Selma is now”.

Some of the scenes in Selma [such as the protesters facing the police],
is the same thing that is going on today.

The struggle of the 60’s is the struggle of right now.

Originally published 1/14/15

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