Good TV: Orange is the New Black Season 2

Everybody’s obsessed with OITNB, and I don’t blame them!

Orange is the New Black is such an amazing story with amazing characters.

What makes the characters so amazing is how real they are and how real their back stories are. The way the show gives us each inmates past is an interesting angle to reflect and that is what makes OITNB such a beloved series.

How the past effects our present and how we can move on from our past to have a better tomorrow is what the series shows me. I’ve gained so much perspective and insight from watching OITNB.

I understand OITNB’s storyline and main character, Piper Chapman [Kerman] better because I read the memoir by Piper Kerman. Now, I know the true story which is a ways away from the Netflix series.

The book focuses more on Piper of course instead of the series where we see not just Piper and her journey but numerous girls journey’s.

Right now i’m on episode 5 and trust me, I won’t spill any beans but oooooo this is…GOOD!

If you haven’t started watching season 2 yet, you better start now because when I say it’s good, I mean it’s better than good.

Actually it’s all I’ve been talking about. You’re expecting a lot of emotion and change this season by change, that includes new characters…Bring on the drama!

Hurry and see!

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