Saying My Final Goodbye’s to HIMYM

Was this story told to the children of Ted Evelyn Mosby…really about the yellow umbrella? Or was it about letting the yellow umbrella go to ironically, be with the blue french horn?

If you’re confused because you have yet to see the finale of How I Met Your Mother then I do apologize for spoiling it for you…Or do I?
What’s taking you so long!? What could you possibly be doing with your life if you have yet to see this piece of television history??… Exactly!

Now moving on to the story of how Ted met his soul mate and the mother of his children.

It was a starry night that Ted’s eyes met Robin’s eyes at MacLaren’s in the city of New York it was love at first sight, they become friends, Ted steals a blue french horn for Robin, and eventually they date and then breakup but they stay friends and then Robin caught Barney’s eye so they heightened their friendship onto the next level after Ted gives Barney a “Robin 101” class..but then they break up but awkwardly remain friends and then a mysterious girl under a yellow umbrella pops up some where [with only the umbrella shown], Ted goes out with some girl blah blah blah, then Ted realizes he’s still in love with Robin a big shocker but not really, then something about Ted’s other friends Lily and Marshall’s relationship go wrong but they’re perfect so whatever, and then Robin says she’s in love with Ted so they go out again which again causes awkward tension between the gang, then Barney says somethings legendary that’s most likely about a hot blonde, then Robin and Ted for whatever reason breakup again, then Lily and Marshall stuff blah blah blah [don’t get me wrong I love Lil and Marshmallow they’re my favorite]

Ted meets another girl and somehow the yellow umbrella shows up because Ted’s future wife and mother of his children is always one step ahead of him literally, and so one thing leads to another annnnddd…Robin and Barney get together again after Barney gets engaged to a stripper and then unengaged to that same stripper, [I know i’m not done yet Ted told one story for 9 years for crying out loud!], anyways after that Ted still loves Robin so he’s jealous but we all know Robin still is in love with him too, Barney has a last play in the play book called “The Robin” which is a plan to ask Robin for her hand in marriage so they get engaged, but wait don’t get too happy because Ted is heartbroken and wants to give Robin the locket that she lost to win her back but Lily talks Ted out of it, so Ted makes plans to move to Chicago, somewhere soon the yellow umbrella is revealed and meets Lily on a train to where Barney and Robin’s wedding will be in a place called Farhamton then in a flash to the past in one of HIMYM’s famous past to present to past switcheroo’s Barney meets the girl we’ve all been waiting for, the next person to meet future Mrs. Mosby is Marshall and then Robin meets her, showing more of the many great qualities of ‘the mother’ with her heart warming nurturing spirit she talks Robin into not running away from her wedding, long story short [is it too late for that?] Ted see’s ‘the mother’ playing bass at the reception and falls in love, after that Ted says see ya later to the gang for his new life in Chicago but ends up staying in New York because he met ‘the mother’ but they don’t show that part yet, 3 years later Robin and Barney get divorced but don’t cry yet, ‘the mother’ and Ted get engaged but the wedding is put on hold because ‘the mother’ gets pregnant with their first child, oh and Lily and Marshall are expecting their 3rd child, some years later Barney becomes a baby daddy when he [not surprisingly] gets a random girl pregnant, Barney’s life changed forever as held his baby girl Ellie, after that Ted and ‘the mother’ tie the knot after having 2 children, and then more years pass and ‘the mother’ becomes ill…[this is when you cry] she passes away and the end of the story we’ve been waiting for ends with how ‘the mother’ and him met, Ted sees no other than that yellow umbrella that he once had taken from a club some years back, as she waits for her train he was waiting for his to the windy city, the old lady sitting next to him tells him to go after…Traci McCollen, yep not only was her face and the way she meets Ted revealed but her name, the initials ‘TM’ on the umbrella is hers not Ted’s

after that [BOOM] Ted says “and that kids is how I met your mother” and his children [Penny and Luke] didn’t seem too psyched… “That’s it?…no we don’t buy it, that is not the reason you made us listen to this…” then 2050 Ted says, “Really? then what’s the reason?” then Penny says “…this is a story about how your totally in love with aunt Robin” and the story doesn’t end there… 2050 Robin with all of her dogs opens up her window to see 2050 Ted standing there with no other than that blue french horn…

I love How I Met Your Mother with all of my heart and not only do I love the show in its self but the characters as people; Lily, Marshall, Ted, Robin, and Barney. I feel connected to them like they’re my friends…
the creators Carl Bays and Craig Thomas had a way of making the viewers feel like part of the gang. Like Lily said, “Once you’re in you’re in for life” and so, i’m in for life.

Now, as for the finale I’ll give it a 9.5 out of 10. Indeed I did cry like a ginormous  baby but why wasn’t the best driver Ranjit, the best mom Mrs. Erikson, the best dad Mickey, the best gay brother James, the best bar guy, and that annoying Patrice in the last [the frickin  last]..episode?! All of the people that have ever came in contact with the gang should have  been shown in some clever way. But that’s life… Some people you once cared about won’t always be there [as we found out in the finale when Robin became a big deal journalist].

With that I say goodbye to the best show ever with the best characters ever in the history of television [other than The Cosby Show of course].

I’ll see you in the next life gang.

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