New Music: Xscape x Michael Jackson [Review]

It’s a scary thought that maybe he returned from the dead… But we all know that that’s not possible.
In fact, Michael Jackson wasn’t the only one that brought this whole album to life but rather super producers Timberland, Stargate, Rodney Jenkins, and J-Roc.

Through these assortments of prerecorded songs, the super producers added a contemporary flare to the icon’s authentic sound.

Track list:

1. Love Never Felt So Good

-When I first heard this song (and no it wasn’t through the radio) I instantly fell in love. No, Love never felt so good, definitely not as good as this masterpiece. It’s not only MJ’s magical vocals but the magic of the sounds behind them. A+

2. Chicago
-This song caught me off guard. The booming bass and drums that tend to be found in the newest hip-hop have never been in the past MJ songs, at least not in the ones I’ve heard. If you think I mean in this in a bad way, I don’t. I absolutely love this song! A+

3. Loving You
-As soon as the music poured into my ears I smiled. It’s just that kind of song; warm, welcoming, a head swaying melody. My favorite part is “Instead of going out to some restaurant” I always sing a long. I guess you could say it loves me. A+

4. A Place With No Name
– Inspired by ” A Horse With No Name” by America, the super producers added a futuristic flare to the classic MJ feel. It’s an interesting way to twist the tune. A-

5. Slave to the Rhythm 
-This was the song picked for the Billboard Music Awards hologram tribute to the pop icon. Although this is an album review and not a hologram/tribute review I do want to say that they could have chosen a different song. I’m not completely putting down the song, it’s a great track to be on a party playlist. B+

6. Do You Know Where Your Children Are
– In a sense this reminds me of “Human Nature” because of its do better in this world for betterment of everyone. Again, classic MJ of course with a contemporary flare! A+

7. Blue Gangsta
– Being the big music connoisseur that I am, I got so emotional when I heard this song. I went crazy! The vocals are on point as usual and the super producers added that modern day/hip-hop to it. All the new dances can be done to this song. A+

8. Xscape
– More of a Michael Jackson on “Dangerous” kind of song, “Xscape” has that late album vibe to it. I appreciated “Dangerous” but I have mixed feelings about this. B+

9. Love Never Felt So Good (original version)
– “…Not like you hold me..hold me”, as much as I loved the new version this is by far the best to me. It gets me to close my eyes and enjoy the sensation of the piano. A+

10. Chicago (original version)
– This gives a whole different vibe than the updated version. It’s still a great song but for when you’re in the mood to wind down. A-

11. Loving You (original version)
– A true MJ track, I love this version just as much as I love the updated version. The rhythm of the song hasn’t changed you still get the same feeling but of course with less hype beats. A+

12. A Place With No Name(original version)
– The original is the classic song without the futuristic flare. I love this, it’s very catchy and is something to listen to whenever! MJ did a fan nominal job which comes to no surprise. A+

13. Slave to the Rhythm (original version)
– A totally different beat, once again it’s a true MJ sound. Kind of like “Rhythm Nation” by Janet feel. For those of you that like Janet in 1989. Like “Xscape” it has that Michael “Dangerous” vibe. B- 

14. Do You Know Where Your Children Are (original version)
– The super producers again did a great job transforming the original. I love the statement of the song as you know I gave the updated version an A+ but this isn’t as alive. B-

15. Blue Gangsta (original version)
– Although this isn’t as upbeat as the other  it still in a way gives the same feel. I love both. A+

16. Xscape (original version)
– I actually like this version more. It still has that “Dangerous” vibe but it’s toned down from the new version. A-

17. Love Never Felt So Good ft. Justin Timberlake
– Because this is featuring Justin Timberlake it is constantly played on the radio. “Love Never Felt So Good” is my favorite song on the album but this version doesn’t have that warm magical feel with Timberlake’s verse and some of the beat that is added. B-
I know that I am late with this review but I still think this counts for something (right?) anyways, I love this album and the idea of it so I couldn’t just not post it because it was released in May.

I hope you enjoy and appreciate this album as much as I did!

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