New Music: G I R L x Pharrell Williams [Review]

P H A R R E L L has finally come out with a new album, titled G I R L which debuted March 3rd.

Like Pharrell’s hit track “Happy” from the movie Despicable Me 2, his album G I R L is upbeat, funky, and well… Happy.

Right off the bat with the first song on G I R L, “Marilyn Monroe” you nod your head and snap your fingers.

Next, on the album is my favorite, “Brand New” featuring Justin Timberlake (which is on this blogs playlist).

Mr. Skateboard P and JT gives us sensational harmonies with their tenor vocal abilities.

The third track to play is “Hunter”. Doing the Michael Jackson crouch grab would actually be perfect for this song.

“Gush”, with its lovely guitar riffs and booming pleasures or should I say dirty pleasures make a great 4th track.

And of course you know the next song, “Happy”! Needless to say this song is catchy and sure does bring happiness or at least may lighten up your day.

Not only does Justin Timberlake give an appearance on the new album G I R L but, Miley Cyrus (with the 6th track) the pop duet “Come Get It Bae” and lastly (with the 9th track), Alicia Keys giving a sweet melody on “Know Who You Are”.

The last and 10th track, Pharrell slows it down a bit. “It Girl” sums up the album, describing the feeling he has for/with his girl.

This must be some kind of girl he’s singing about.

On (the 7th track) “Gust of Wind” Pharrell explains the love he has for this girl with Daft Punk singing the simile “like a gust of wind you remind me there’s someone up there…”.

He also calls her a lost queen as the song title reads. In (the 8th track) “Lost Queen” Pharrell says all the things and all the ways he would serve up his queen.

Lucky girl she is.

(originally posted March 13, 2014)

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